HSLC/AHM Class 10th Form Fill Up- SEBA 2021

16-Nov-2021 Notification
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Posted On: 16 Nov, 2021
SEBA recently published a notification regarding the online application process for HSLC/Class-10 Final examination 2021. Check how to fill HSLC online application and other related details here

Process Name SEBA Form Fill Up
Exam Name HSLC/AHM Exam, 2022
Board Name SEBA
Class Name Matriculation (10th)
Application Process Online
Start Date 25th November 2021
Last Date 18th December 2021

HSLC/AHM Class 10 Exam Details

Board of Secondary Education, Assam is the Government Board of Secondary Education of Assam. The Board of Secondary Education of Assam was established in 1962. The Board of Secondary Education, Assam is also known as SEBA in Assam. SEBA every year conducts the HSLC/AHM Examination for all the students of Assam and all the participating students have to fill their exam forms with the help of their respective schools. The process of filling the exam form is done through the online portal. In this article, we provide all the information related to SEBA online form filling including links to the official portal and notifications.

Name of Exam: HSLC/AHM Examination, 2022

Name of Board: Board of Secondary Education, Assam

Name of Class: Class 10th

Type of Exam: Written Examination (Offline)

Date of Exam: February/March 2022

HSLC/AHM Class 10 Exam From Fee Details

Students have to contact their schools for proper fee details of form filling. Here, we have provided the form filing fee details as per the official notification of SEBA. Students have to pay the fee to their schools to complete the online form filling process for HSLC/AHM Examination, 2022.

Contents Fee
Examination Fee Rs.650/-
Centre Fee Rs.300/-
Practical Examination Fee Rs.150/-
Annual Recognition Fee Rs.800/-

Practical Examination Fee: This fee will be levied only if it is applicable.

Annual Recognition Fee: This fee is to be paid by the head of the institution and not by the students.

SEBA Form Fill Up Process 2021

Procedure for the online system of form fill-up for the regular candidates and for the candidates who have failed in the HSLC/AHM Examinations after 2012, is as follows,

1) Please go to the SEBA’s official website https://sebaonline.org/

2) Click on the link “HSLC/AHM Examination, 2021 Enrollment”. Users will be redirected to the website https://sebaregistration.in/.

3. Click on the “School Login”.

4. Enter Username and Password to log in.

  • Username is the School Code provided by SEBA.
  • Password is the Class IX registration, 2020 password, already shared with each school. [ For any Password loss or Unable to login, School will contact the DPO/EDP of the concerned Regional office of SEBA.]

5. After login, the user will be landed on the My School page. Each school has to provide the School details, Bank Details, etc. Centre schools have to provide Centre bank details (Account used for Exam purpose only) also.

6. After updating the school details, next go to “Exam Enrollment” under “Examination” in the left-hand side menu.

7. Two options will be available under “Exam Enrollment”.

    • Regular candidates (2019 class IX registered candidates).
    • Failed candidates from 2012 to 2020
    • If the candidate is not found in the above option due to a technical error, the user will click on this option. Users will be redirected to the Manual page and provide all the candidate details as requested in the form.
    • Candidates enrolled through this option will be reviewed and approved by SEBA. After approval, only School will be able to make payment for that particular candidate.

In the above options candidates registered till 2012 will only be allowed to enroll. For candidates prior to 2012, School has to visit the concerned Regional office of SEBA.


9. Select candidates from the list.

10. Select whether the candidate is

  • APL/BPL (The candidate whose total income of the family is less than Rs 2 lakhs, shall be treated as BPL. The school has to keep a proper record of the BPL candidate’s income details, for verification as and when required. This facility is only for the Provincialized and Recognized Venture schools.) [All BPL candidates registered in the year 2018 and 2019 are exempted from the Examination Fees]
  • A person with Disability (PWD) – Yes/No [All PWD candidates are exempted from the Examination fees]

11. Select/Add the required candidates through the above options.

12. Next Go to the “Exam Enrollment”. A list of all selected/added candidates for the Examination will be populated.

13. Select candidates from the list and click on “Proceed for Payment”.

14. User will be asked to confirm

  • Total Number of Candidates
  • Total number of APL candidates
  • Total number of BPL candidates
  • Total number of candidates of PWD category.

Check the confirmation checkbox and click on “Generate Challan”. After that Challan will be generated. Schools will be allowed to generate multiple challans.

15. Please click on print to take a print of the Challan.

16. Make a payment of the Challan in the nearest APEX bank, through the bank account number provided in the challan.

17. Next please, go to “Exam Payments” under “Payments” section. Challan will be approved in the portal only after the payment is made successfully and the transaction is validated in the bank. This process takes one working day after making payment in the bank.

18. Next Download Form 50 available against each successful payment for record under “Exam Payments”.

19. Editing/Correction

  • After the 10th Dec 2020, the portal will be re-opened for Editing by the school only. They can edit all the fields except the Date of Birth (DOB). All corrections/edits made by the schools will be accepted by SEBA after proper verification only.
  • If one candidate is wrongly entered in place of other, the School cannot replace that candidate. But through the Edit option, the School can add new candidates to payment only